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Online Panchang
Panchang Details Current Chart 28/08/2016 05:30:00
Date August 28,2016
Place Delhi,Delhi,India
Latitude 028.40.N
Longitude 077.13.E
Time Zone 5Hr.30Mt.
DST No Day Light Saving

Panchang for August 28,2016 at 05:56 (Sun Rise Time)
Tithi Krishan Paksh 11 (Ekadasi) upto 15 hr. 22 mt. Next Tithi- Krishan Paksh 12 (Dvadasi)
Day Sunday
Nakshatra Ardra upto 09 hr. 17 mt. Next Nak- Punarvasu
Karan Balava upto 15 hr. 22 mt. Next Karan- Kaulava
Karan Kaulava upto 02 hr. 52 mt. (29/08/2016) Next Karan- Taitila
Yoga Siddhi upto 12 hr. 50 mt. Next Yoga- Vyatipata
Mon Sign Gemini 18°6' upto 03 hr. 04 mt. (29/08/2016) Next Sign- Cancer
Sun Rise 05hr.56mt.
Sun Set 18hr.47mt.
Rahu Kaal From 17hr.11mt.- 18hr.47mt.
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