about Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola (, Italian: [?k?ppola]; born April 7, 1939) is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and film composer. He was a central figure in the New Hollywood filmmaking movement of the 1960s and 1970s. After directing The Rain People in 1969, Coppola co-wrote Patton (1970), earning the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay along with Edmund H. North. Coppolas reputation as a filmmaker was cemented with the release of The Godfather (1972). The film revolutionized movie-making in the gangster genre, and was adored by the public and critics alike. The Godfather won three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay (shared with Mario Puzo). The Godfather Part II, which followed in 1974, became the first sequel to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Highly regarded by critics, the film brought Coppola three more Academy Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture, and made him the second director (after Billy Wilder) to be so honored three times for the same film. The Conversation, which Coppola directed, produced and wrote, was released that same year, winning the Palme dOr at the Cannes Film Festival. His next film, Apocalypse Now (1979), which notoriously had a lengthy and strenuous production, was widely acclaimed for its vivid depiction of the Vietnam War. The film won the Palme dOr, making Coppola one of only eight filmmakers to have won that award twice. While a number of Coppolas ventures in the 1980s and 1990s were critically lauded, he has never quite achieved the same commercial success with films as in the 1970s. His best-known films released since the start of the 1980s are the dramas The Outsiders and Rumble Fish (both 1983), the crime dramas The Cotton Club (1984) and The Godfather Part III (1990), and the horror film Bram Stokers Dracula (1992). A number of Coppolas relatives and children have become famous actors and filmmakers in their own right: his sister is the actress Talia Shire; his daughter Sofia Coppola and granddaughter Gia Coppola are actresses and directors, and the actors Jason Schwartzman and Nicolas Cage are his nephews.

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Francis Ford Coppola
Name :Francis Ford Coppola
Date of Birth :07/04/1939 01:38:00
Place of Birth :Detroit
Ascendent (Lagan) : Sagittarius
Ascendent Lord) : Jup
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Scorpio
Moon Sign Lord : Scorpio
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Vishakha
Birth Star Lord : Jup
Lucky Gem : Ruby
Lucky No. : 5
Lucky Day : Thursday
Lucky Color : Copper Color
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Aries
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Mar-Sat
Manglik Status : You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Sagittarius
Francis Ford Coppola is born in sagitarius which is the 9th sign of zodiac and is ruled by jupiter. Francis Ford Coppola is a good natured person. Francis Ford Coppola have a nice set of teeth. Francis Ford Coppola is very wealthy and will enjoy honour and respect. Francis Ford Coppola is very wise and learned. Francis Ford Coppola is very popular in His occupation. Francis Ford Coppola will travel to foreign countries. Francis Ford Coppola respect elders and literate people. Francis Ford Coppola is very active. Francis Ford Coppola will have few children. Francis Ford Coppola would have had a lot of happiness in His childhood. Francis Ford Coppola will acquire wealth and honour in the later part of His life. Francis Ford Coppola will progress after 22 years of age. Francis Ford Coppola have a long face and is very good looking. His forehead is very prominent. Francis Ford Coppola have bright eyes. Francis Ford Coppola is open hearted and generous. Francis Ford Coppola is very active and bold. Francis Ford Coppola love sports and recreation. Francis Ford Coppola is always ambitious to acquire honour and fame. Francis Ford Coppola will not be very tall and will have an impressive voice. Francis Ford Coppola attach a lot of importance to His self interest. Francis Ford Coppola is religious and may be the head of public institutes. Francis Ford Coppola is interested in philosophy and religious books. Francis Ford Coppola have an attractive personality. Francis Ford Coppola is always smiling and is not showy. Francis Ford Coppola is truth loving and kind hearted. Francis Ford Coppola is very independent in His thoughts. Francis Ford Coppola is an expert in judgement. Francis Ford Coppola have a strong mind. Francis Ford Coppola will acquire thorough knowledge of subjects. Francis Ford Coppola is god fearing. Francis Ford Coppola is laborious and don't like to be idle. As Francis Ford Coppola were born in this nakshatra Francis Ford Coppola will be religious, pious but unfriendly and jealous. His health will either be very good or very bad. Francis Ford Coppola will be successful at the age of 21, 28 and 34 years.

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