about George Wallace

George Corley Wallace Jr. (August 25, 1919 – September 13, 1998) was the 45th Governor of Alabama, a position he occupied for four terms, during which he promoted low-grade industrial development, low taxes, and trade schools. He sought the United States presidency as a Democrat three times, and once as an American Independent Party candidate, unsuccessfully each time. He is best remembered for his staunch segregationist and populist views. Wallace was known as the most dangerous racist in America and notoriously opposed desegregation and supported the policies of Jim Crow during the Civil Rights Movement, declaring in his 1963 inaugural address that he stood for segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.Born in Clio, Alabama, Wallace attended the University of Alabama School of Law and served in United States Army Air Corps during World War II. After the war, he won election to the Alabama House of Representatives and served as a state judge. Wallace first sought the Democratic nomination in the 1958 Alabama gubernatorial election. Initially a moderate on racial issues, Wallace adopted a hard-line segregationist stance after losing the 1958 nomination. Wallace ran for governor again in 1962, and won the race. Seeking to stop the racial integration of the University of Alabama, Wallace earned national notoriety by standing in front of the entrance of the University of Alabama, literally blocking the path of black students. Wallace left office after one term due to term limits, but his wife, Lurleen Wallace, won the next election and succeeded him, though he was the de facto governor.Wallace challenged sitting President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 Democratic presidential primaries, but Johnson prevailed in the race. In the 1968 presidential election, Wallace ran a third party campaign in an attempt to force a contingent election in the United States House of Representatives, thereby enhancing the political clout of segregationist Southern leaders. Wallace won five Southern states but failed to force a contingent election; As of 2019 he remains the most recent third-party candidate to receive pledged electoral college votes from any state. Wallace won election to another term as Governor of Alabama in 1970 and ran in the 1972 Democratic presidential primaries, once again campaigning for segregation. His campaign effectively ended when he was shot in Maryland by Arthur Bremer, and Wallace remained paralyzed below the waist for the rest of his life. Bremer was sentenced to 63 years in prison for the shooting, which was later reduced to 53 years following an appeal; he served 35 years of the reduced sentence and was paroled in 2007. Wallace won re-election as governor in 1974, and he once again unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in the 1976 Democratic presidential primaries. In the late 1970s, Wallace announced that he became a born-again Christian and moderated his views on race, renouncing his past support for segregation. Wallace left office in 1979 but won election to a fourth and final term as governor in 1982. Wallace served 16 years and one day as Governor of Alabama, the third longest gubernatorial tenure in post-Constitutional U.S. history. Describing his impact on national politics despite his lack of success in presidential races, two biographers termed Wallace the most influential loser of 20th-century American politics.

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George Wallace
Name :George Wallace
Date of Birth :25/08/1919 03:29:59
Place of Birth :85 W 37, 31 N 42
Ascendent (Lagan) : Cancer
Ascendent Lord) : Mon
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Leo
Moon Sign Lord : Leo
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Magha
Birth Star Lord : Ket
Lucky Gem : Yellow Sapphire
Lucky No. : 12
Lucky Day : Monday
Lucky Color : Yellow
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Virgo
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Mer-Mer
Manglik Status : You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Cancer
George Wallace is born in cancer,the fourth sign of the watery triplicity of the zodiac. George Wallace is very diplomatic. George Wallace will have a large upper body. George Wallace is fond of the opposite sex George Wallace may enjoy wealth .George Wallace is fond of water.George Wallace face opposition from His friends. George Wallace is a person of moderate stature and may have pale complexion,brown face,light and brown hair. His constitution will be somewhat weak. George Wallace might have other then normal colour eyes. Sometimes George Wallace is timid,dull and careless. George Wallace will enjoy happiness in life. George Wallace will enjoy wealth and comforts. George Wallace is very sentimental. George Wallace is very wise .George Wallace is fond of art and music. George Wallace have the capacity to adopt other's nature quickly and observe their ideas. George Wallace is sentimental and due to excess of this George Wallace may have a high degree of nervous irritation. George Wallace is very courageous under some circumstances. George Wallace have changeable temperament. His mind is very fertile. George Wallace lead a wandering and restless life. George Wallace is famous for His hospitality. George Wallace have deep feelings. George Wallace is loyal and a responsible person. George Wallace construct a plan and carry it out with great determination and is successful. George Wallace gain from many sources. George Wallace is self centered. George Wallace is impressive and is magnanimous .George Wallace would be fragile in the early part of His life but will have good health as George Wallace grow in age. George Wallace is extremely sensitive and self centered. Change is always liked by George Wallace. George Wallace may suffer from chest and stomach troubles. As George Wallace were born in this nakshatra George Wallace will be rich, intelligent, helpful and kind. George Wallace will be successful in business and will lead a life of comforts. George Wallace will have numerous servants and will be very religious minded. George Wallace will have a harmonious relationship with His spouse and will be devoted to His parents but George Wallace will be over strict and will have a violent nature. George Wallace will be clear minded and will be clear in His actions. His liver will be weak. George Wallace must perform pooja as George Wallace is born in the gund mool nakshatra. George Wallace will gain after 25 years of age.

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