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Jerry Lee Lewis (born September 29, 1935) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and pianist, often known by his nickname, The Killer. He has been described as rock & rolls first great wild man.A pioneer of rock and roll and rockabilly music, Lewis made his first recordings in 1956 at Sun Records in Memphis. Crazy Arms sold 300,000 copies in the South, but it was his 1957 hit Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On that shot Lewis to fame worldwide. He followed this with Great Balls of Fire, Breathless and High School Confidential. However, Lewiss rock and roll career faltered in the wake of his marriage to Myra Gale Brown, his 13-year-old cousin. He had minimal success in the charts following the scandal, and his popularity quickly eroded. Sun Records, through its label Phillips International, released In the Mood credited to The Hawk in an attempt to have the record-buyers think it was someone other than Lewis. They didnt buy it. His live performance fees plummeted from $10,000 per night to $250. In the meantime he was determined to gain back some of his popularity. In the early 1960s, he did not have much chart success, with few exceptions, such as a cover of Ray Charless Whatd I Say. His live performances at this time were increasingly wild and energetic. His 1964 live album Live at the Star Club, Hamburg is regarded by music journalists and fans as one of the wildest and greatest live rock albums ever. In 1968, Lewis made a transition into country music and had hits with songs such as Another Place, Another Time. This reignited his career, and throughout the late 1960s and 1970s he regularly topped the country-western charts; throughout his seven-decade career, Lewis has had 30 songs reach the top 10 on the Billboard Country and Western Chart. His No. 1 country hits included To Make Love Sweeter for You, There Must Be More to Love Than This, Would You Take Another Chance on Me, and Me and Bobby McGee. Lewiss successes continued throughout the decade and he embraced his rock and roll past with songs such as a cover of the Big Boppers Chantilly Lace and Mack Vickerys Rockin My Life Away. In the 21st century Lewis continues to tour around the world and still releases new albums. His album Last Man Standing is his best selling to date, with over a million copies sold worldwide. This was followed by Mean Old Man, which has received some of the best sales of Lewiss career. Lewis has a dozen gold records in both rock and country. He won several Grammy awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award. Lewis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, and his pioneering contribution to the genre has been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He was also a member of the inaugural class inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. In 1989, his life was chronicled in the movie Great Balls of Fire, starring Dennis Quaid. In 2003, Rolling Stone listed his box set All Killer, No Filler: The Anthology number 242 on their list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In 2004, they ranked him number 24 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Lewis is the last surviving member of Sun Records Million Dollar Quartet and the Class of 55 album, which also included Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley. Music critic Robert Christgau has said of Lewis: His drive, his timing, his offhand vocal power, his unmistakable boogie-plus piano, and his absolute confidence in the face of the void make Jerry Lee the quintessential rock and roller.

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Jerry Lee Lewis
Name :Jerry Lee Lewis
Date of Birth :29/09/1935 15:00:00
Place of Birth :91 W 32, 31 N 37
Ascendent (Lagan) : Capricorn
Ascendent Lord) : Sat
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Libra
Moon Sign Lord : Libra
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Chitra
Birth Star Lord : Mar
Lucky Gem : Emerald
Lucky No. : 6
Lucky Day : Saturday
Lucky Color : Green
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Libra
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Ven-Rah
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Capricorn
Jerry Lee Lewis is born in Capricorn which is the 10th sign in the zodiac. Jerry Lee Lewis is fond of travelling. Jerry Lee Lewis possess attractive eyes. Jerry Lee Lewis is very clever and cunning. Sometimes Jerry Lee Lewis is a bit lazy. Jerry Lee Lewis is a spendthrift. Jerry Lee Lewis do not take much interest in religion. Jerry Lee Lewis is fond of poetry. Jerry Lee Lewis have had an ordinary childhood but will get a lot of comfort after the age of 32. Jerry Lee Lewis may be very thin .Jerry Lee Lewis will acquire a lot of wealth but there will be no stability of wealth. Jerry Lee Lewis is tall and have a reddish complexion. Jerry Lee Lewis is very careful about His projects. Jerry Lee Lewis will achieve success through His intellect. Jerry Lee Lewis is very talkative. Jerry Lee Lewis is fond of art and will achieve success in artistic pursuits. Jerry Lee Lewis is very self centered. Jerry Lee Lewis have very thick hair. Jerry Lee Lewis will sometimes spend a lot on wasteful purposes. In His childhood Jerry Lee Lewis have been very weak and fragile but will grow very tall in His teens. Jerry Lee Lewis have a thin and oval face. Jerry Lee Lewis may have a scar or a mole on His knee cap. Jerry Lee Lewis is practical and will get success in politics. Jerry Lee Lewis do not fear hindrances and obstacles and will be successful in His projects. Jerry Lee Lewis is a deep thinker and possess knowledge of many sciences. Jerry Lee Lewis plan and execute His work swiftly .Jerry Lee Lewis have a good memory. Jerry Lee Lewis is learned and respected. As Jerry Lee Lewis were born in this nakshatra Jerry Lee Lewis will be fond of clothes especially of different colours. Jerry Lee Lewis will be fond of flowers. Jerry Lee Lewis will have the knowledge of war strategies. Jerry Lee Lewis will be learned, intelligent, truthful and wealthy. His spouse and children will give Jerry Lee Lewis happiness and Jerry Lee Lewis will lead a comfortable life. Jerry Lee Lewis will be hardworking, brave, fond of materialistic things, knowledgeable in the construction of buildings, medicine, astrology etc. Jerry Lee Lewis will be pious and religious. Jerry Lee Lewis will earn but will not be able to save money.Jerry Lee Lewis will usually be stout. Jerry Lee Lewis will be lucky between 30 to 35 years of age.

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