about Joan Baez

Joan Chandos Baez (; born January 9, 1941) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and activist whose contemporary folk music often includes songs of protest or social justice. Baez has performed publicly for over 60 years, releasing over 30 albums. Fluent in Spanish and English, she has also recorded songs in at least six other languages. Although generally regarded as a folk singer, her music has diversified since the counterculture era of the 1960s, and encompasses genres such as folk rock, pop, country, and gospel music. Although a songwriter herself, Baez generally interprets other composers work, having recorded songs by Bob Dylan, the Allman Brothers Band, the Beatles, Jackson Browne, Leonard Cohen, Woody Guthrie, Violeta Parra, the Rolling Stones, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and many others. On her past several albums, she has found success interpreting songs of more recent songwriters, including Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, Steve Earle, Natalie Merchant and Joe Henry. She began her recording career in 1960 and achieved immediate success. Her first three albums, Joan Baez, Joan Baez, Vol. 2, and Joan Baez in Concert all achieved gold record status.Songs of acclaim include Diamonds & Rust and covers of Phil Ochss There but for Fortune and The Bands The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. She is also known for Farewell, Angelina, Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word, Forever Young, Heres to You, Joe Hill, Sweet Sir Galahad and We Shall Overcome. She was one of the first major artists to record the songs of Bob Dylan in the early 1960s; Baez was already an internationally celebrated artist and did much to popularize his early songwriting efforts. Baez also performed fourteen songs at the 1969 Woodstock Festival and has displayed a lifelong commitment to political and social activism in the fields of nonviolence, civil rights, human rights and the environment.Baez was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 7, 2017.

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Joan Baez
Name :Joan Baez
Date of Birth :09/01/1941 10:44:59
Place of Birth :74 W 9, 40 N 35
Ascendent (Lagan) : Pisces
Ascendent Lord) : Jup
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Taurus
Moon Sign Lord : Taurus
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Rohini
Birth Star Lord : Mon
Lucky Gem : Coral
Lucky No. : 8
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Lucky Color : Blood Red
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Capricorn
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Mer-Rah
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Pisces
Joan Baez is born in Pisces,the 12th sign of the zodiac which is ruled by jupiter. Joan Baez will have large, impressive eyes. Joan Baez have an impressive personality. Joan Baez is very loving. Joan Baez is very attached to His spouse. Joan Baez will have a large head and will derive happiness from children. Sometimes Joan Baez feel very unhealthy and uneasy. Joan Baez is very passionate and fond of physical pleasures. Joan Baez may have sudden setbacks. Joan Baez would have had ordinary success in His childhood. Joan Baez may face some hindrances in the middle of His life but will have lot of pleasures later in life. Joan Baez will be lucky after 21 years. Joan Baez have a chubby face,pale complexion and sleepy and dull eyes. Joan Baez will have a long life. Joan Baez drink a lot of water. Joan Baez should be careful of drowning accidents. Joan Baez is god fearing. Joan Baez is very hospitable. Joan Baez follow family traditions and is fluent in speech. Joan Baez will be wise and is not very tall. Joan Baez is good looking, have a prominent nose,a good set of teeth, curly hair and is far sighted. Joan Baez will be happy from the family point view. Joan Baez may get some difficulty in earning money. Joan Baez may earn well but will have very heavy expenses. Joan Baez is religious and helpful even to His rivals. Joan Baez and His partner is interested in science. Joan Baez is also interested in poetry and literature. As Joan Baez were born in this nakshatra Joan Baez will be inclined towards religion. Agriculture will most likely be a source of income. Joan Baez will be good looking, intelligent and very sharp in solving puzzles.

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