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María de Lourdes Villiers Farrow (; born February 9, 1945), known professionally as Mia Farrow, is an American actress, activist, and former fashion model. Farrow has appeared in more than 50 films and won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe Award and three BAFTA Award nominations. Farrow is also known for her extensive work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, which includes humanitarian activities in Darfur, Chad, and the Central African Republic. In 2008, Time magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world.The eldest daughter of Australian director John Farrow and Irish actress Maureen OSullivan, Farrow had a strict Catholic upbringing in Beverly Hills, California. After working as a fashion model during her teenage years, she first gained notice for her role as Allison MacKenzie in the television soap opera Peyton Place (1964–1966). Her feature film debut in Guns at Batasi (1964) earned her a Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year, and she gained further recognition for her subsequent two-year marriage to Frank Sinatra, whom she married at age 21. Farrows portrayal of Rosemary Woodhouse in the horror film Rosemarys Baby (1968) saw her nominated for a BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. She earned a third Golden Globe nomination for her role in John and Mary (1969). In 1971, Farrow became the first American actress in history to join the Royal Shakespeare Company, appearing as Joan of Arc in a production of Jeanne dArc au bûcher. This was followed by stage productions of Mary Rose (1972), Three Sisters (1973), and Ivanov (1976). Farrow also starred in several films throughout the 1970s, notably as Daisy Buchanan in the 1974 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and Robert Altmans comedy A Wedding (1978). Farrow began a relationship with filmmaker Woody Allen in 1979, and over a decade-long period starred in 13 of his films, beginning with A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy (1982). She received numerous critical accolades for her performances in several of Allens films, including Golden Globe Award nominations for Broadway Danny Rose (1984), The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), and Alice (1990), as well as a BAFTA nomination for Hannah and Her Sisters (1986). After separating from Allen in 1992, Farrow made public allegations that he sexually assaulted their seven-year-old adoptive daughter, Dylan, which he has repeatedly denied. Despite inconclusive evidence, Allens custody of Dylan was removed in 1993. These claims received significant renewed public attention after Dylan recounted the alleged assault in a 2013 interview. Since the 2000s, Farrow has made occasional appearances on television, such as a recurring role on Third Watch (2001–2003), and had supporting parts in such films as The Omen (2006), Be Kind Rewind (2008), and Dark Horse (2011). She has also dedicated significant periods to raising her multiple adoptive and biological children, as well participating in humanitarian efforts abroad, specifically regarding human rights in African countries.

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Mia Farrow
Name :Mia Farrow
Date of Birth :09/02/1945 11:27:00
Place of Birth :Santa Monica
Ascendent (Lagan) : Aries
Ascendent Lord) : Mar
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Sagittarius
Moon Sign Lord : Sagittarius
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : P.Asadha
Birth Star Lord : Ven
Lucky Gem : Yellow Sapphire
Lucky No. : 9
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Lucky Color : Yellow
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Aquarius
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Sat-Ven
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : Yes
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

Her ascendent (lagan) is Aries
Mia Farrow is born in Aries lagn. Aries is the first sign of zodiac. It is fiery and hot by nature. Mia Farrow may have in digestion, ringworms and skin diseases. Mia Farrow is extremely frank in love affairs. Mia Farrow is good natured and is strong. Her disposition is quarrelsome,rough,ambitious,quick and angry,as Mia Farrow is ruled by mars. Mia Farrow is very happy. Mia Farrow is not passionate and emotional. Mia Farrow is sharp and intelligent and Mia Farrow bring good name.Mia Farrow have bushy eye brows and is very bold and impulsive. Mia Farrow possess high wisdom,courage and confidence. Mia Farrow always aim high and command people. Mia Farrow is best fitted to command and govern others. Mia Farrow have a muscular body. Mia Farrow is very fast in Her actions. Mia Farrow is proud and give much importance to self prestige. Mia Farrow under estimate others. As it is feary sign, Her mind is always occupied with new ideas and thoughts. As this sign is ruled by Mars Mia Farrow should always take care of minor injuries and serious accidents. As Mia Farrow were born in this nakshatra Mia Farrow will be proud intelligent, helpful,skilled, attached to friends, will be a compatible spouse and will have firm views. Mia Farrow will get happiness from children and friends. The lucky period in Her life will start when Mia Farrow is 28 years old.

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