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Rajmund Roman Thierry Pola?ski (; born 18 August 1933) is a French-Polish film director, producer, writer, and actor. Since 1978, he has been a fugitive from the U.S. criminal justice system, having fled the country while awaiting sentencing in his sexual abuse case, where he pleaded guilty to statutory rape.Polanski was born in Paris, and his Polish-Jewish parents moved the family back to Poland in 1937, when he was four. Two years later Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany and the USSR starting World War II and the Polanskis found themselves trapped in the Kraków Ghetto. After his mother and father were taken in raids, Polanski spent his formative years in foster homes under an adopted identity, trying to survive the Holocaust. Polanskis first feature-length film, Knife in the Water (1962), was made in Poland and was nominated for a United States Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He has since received five more Oscar nominations, along with two BAFTAs, four Césars, a Golden Globe Award and the Palme dOr of the Cannes Film Festival in France. In the United Kingdom he directed three films, beginning with Repulsion (1965). In 1968 he moved to the United States and cemented his status by directing the horror film Rosemarys Baby (1968). A turning point in his life took place in 1969, when his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, and four friends were brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family. Following her death, Polanski returned to Europe and eventually continued directing. He made Macbeth (1971) in England and back in Hollywood, Chinatown (1974), which was nominated for eleven Academy Awards.In 1977, Polanski was arrested and charged with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl. He subsequently pled guilty to the lesser offence of unlawful sex with a minor. After spending 42 days undergoing psychiatric evaluation in prison in preparation for sentencing, Polanski, who had expected to be put on probation, fled to Paris after learning that the judge planned to imprison him.In Europe, Polanski continued to make films, including Tess (1979), starring Nastassja Kinski. It won Frances César Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, and received three Oscars. He later produced and directed The Pianist (2002), a drama about a Jewish-Polish musician escaping Nazi persecution, starring Adrien Brody and Emilia Fox. The film won three Academy Awards including Best Director, along with numerous international awards. He also directed Oliver Twist (2005), a story which parallels his own life as a young boy attempting to triumph over adversity. He was awarded Best Director for The Ghost Writer (2010) at the 23rd European Film Awards. He also received Best Screenwriter nomination at the aforementioned awards for Carnage (2011). In 2018, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted to expel Polanski from its membership because of the statutory rape case.

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Roman Polanski
Name :Roman Polanski
Date of Birth :18/08/1933 10:30:00
Place of Birth :Paris
Ascendent (Lagan) : Virgo
Ascendent Lord) : Mer
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Gemini
Moon Sign Lord : Gemini
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Punarvasu
Birth Star Lord : Jup
Lucky Gem : Diamond
Lucky No. : 2
Lucky Day : Wednesday
Lucky Color : White
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Leo
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Mar-Ket
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Virgo
His ascendent is Virgo. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac. Roman Polanski will have a round face,well formed body, ruddy complexion,dark eyes and hair. Roman Polanski is very active and ambitious. Roman Polanski is fond of studying and learning. Roman Polanski is competent in business. Roman Polanski have impressive eyes. Roman Polanski is soft spoken and don't talk much. Roman Polanski is very attached to His spouse. Roman Polanski may have some opposition from His brothers. Roman Polanski is very interested in mathematics and and science. Roman Polanski will have many daughters. Roman Polanski take interest in religious deeds. Roman Polanski will travel to many foreign countries. Roman Polanski is very stable and have very deep thoughts. Roman Polanski is an introvert. Roman Polanski would have been very happy in His childhood but will face troubles in the later part of His life. Roman Polanski will progress and enjoy honour and fame between the age of 32 and 36 .Roman Polanski like changes and is methodical and thorough in His work. Roman Polanski is charitable. Sometimes Roman Polanski may bore other people by His detailed explanations. Roman Polanski is very brisk and quick in His actions. Roman Polanski is fond of acquiring knowledge. Roman Polanski is very sentimental and diplomatic.Roman Polanski have broad shoulders and an impressive forehead. Roman Polanski is self centered. Roman Polanski do not speak whatever is in His mind and is not frank. As Roman Polanski were born in this nakshatra Roman Polanski will be patient, quiet, will be good natured and popular among relations and friends. Roman Polanski will be respected,generous and will get comforts from children and will be wealthy. Roman Polanski will be fond of precious gems and will own property. Roman Polanski will travel extensively. Roman Polanski will rise in life after the age of 24.

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