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Wasim Akram (Urdu: ???? ?????; born 3 June 1966) is a Pakistani cricket commentator, coach and former cricketer, captain of Pakistan national cricket team. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest bowlers of all time. A left-arm fast bowler who could bowl with significant pace, he represented the Pakistan cricket team in Test cricket and One Day International (ODI) matches. In October 2013, Wasim Akram was the only Pakistani cricketer to be named in an all-time Test World XI to mark the 150th anniversary of Wisden Cricketers Almanack.Akram is regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of game, and perhaps the finest of all left-arm fast bowlers. He holds the world record for most wickets in List A cricket, with 881, and he is second only to Sri Lankan off-spin bowler Muttiah Muralitharan in terms of ODI wickets, with 502 in total. He is considered to be one of the founders—and perhaps the finest exponent of—reverse swing bowling.He was the first bowler to reach the 500-wicket mark in ODI cricket during the 2003 World Cup. In 2002, Wisden released its only list of best players of all time. Wasim was ranked as the best bowler in ODI of all time, with a rating of 1223.5, ahead of Allan Donald, Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Joel Garner, Glenn McGrath and Muralitharan. Wasim has taken 23 four-wicket hauls in ODI in 356 matches he played. On 30 September 2009, Akram was one of five new members inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. He was the bowling coach of Kolkata Knight Riders. However, he took a break from the position for IPL 6, citing a need to spend more time with family in Karachi, and he took a further break from IPL 2017; and was replaced by Lakshmipathy Balaji. He was working as director and bowling coach of Islamabad United in Pakistan Super League, until he left to join Multan Sultans in August 2017. In October 2018, he was named in the Pakistan Cricket Boards seven-member advisory cricket committee.. In November 2018, he joined PSL franchise, Karachi Kings, as a President. The Government of Pakistan awarded him the Hilal-e-Imtiaz on 23 March 2019 on his life time achievements In field of Cricket.

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Wasim Akram
Name :Wasim Akram
Date of Birth :03/06/1966 12:00:00
Place of Birth :Lahore
Ascendent (Lagan) : Leo
Ascendent Lord) : Sun
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Scorpio
Moon Sign Lord : Scorpio
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Jyestha
Birth Star Lord : Mer
Lucky Gem : Coral
Lucky No. : 1
Lucky Day : Sunday
Lucky Color : Blood Red
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Gemini
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Mon-Ven
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Leo
Wasim Akram is born in Leo ascendent Leo is the 5th sign of the feary triplicity. Wasim Akram have an impressive personality. Wasim Akram will have light hair , large and round face His complexion will be ruddy. Wasim Akram is a confident and an active competeter in sports. Wasim Akram is courteous and ambitious. Wasim Akram may be short tempered and will live far from mother. Most of Wasim Akram have a prominent forehead. Wasim Akram have an impressive dignified and royal personality. Wasim Akram will enjoy much with friends and relatives. Wasim Akram is the head of the project,and command people. Wasim Akram is very open and frank. Wasim Akram is very firm in His thoughts. Wasim Akram posses an angry temperament .Wasim Akram is fond of arts and music Wasim Akram is very confident of His ability. Wasim Akram have few children. Wasim Akram like His parents .Wasim Akram is fond of different trends. Wasim Akram enjoy good respect in govt and society. Wasim Akram is fond of research Wasim Akram is stable in His thoughts Wasim Akram should not be a victim of flattery. Wasim Akram is romantic and cheer His partner very skillfully. Wasim Akram is an ideal lover and may be carried away by love. Wasim Akram is very passionate and enjoy many comforts of life. His home will be very impressive and Wasim Akram will lead an aristocratic life. Wasim Akram will have royal friends. Wasim Akram will enjoy honour and respect in family and society. Wasim Akram will enjoy high governmental favours. As Wasim Akram were born in this nakshatra Wasim Akram will be graceful, victorious, cheerful, popular, intelligent, learned, wealthy, religious, charitable and social. Wasim Akram will have interest in literature and poetry. Wasim Akram must perform pooja as Wasim Akram were born in the gund mool nakshatra. Wasim Akram may turn out to be harmful to His father, brother or people of His own age. His health could be adversely affected during 13th, 27th, 31st and 49th years of life.

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