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Otto Adolf Eichmann (; German: [???to? ??a?d?lf ??a??çman]; 19 March 1906 – 1 June 1962) was a German-Austrian Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer (Senior Assault Unit Leader) and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust. He was tasked by SS-Obergruppenführer (Senior Group Leader) Reinhard Heydrich with facilitating and managing the logistics involved in the mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during World War II. He was captured by the Mossad in Argentina on 11 May 1960 and subsequently found guilty of war crimes in a widely publicised trial in Jerusalem, Israel. Eichmann was executed by hanging in 1962. After an unremarkable school career, Eichmann briefly worked for his fathers mining company in Austria, where the family had moved in 1914. He worked as a travelling oil salesman beginning in 1927, and joined both the Nazi Party and the SS in 1932. He returned to Germany in 1933, where he joined the Sicherheitsdienst (SD; Security Service); there he was appointed head of the department responsible for Jewish affairs—especially emigration, which the Nazis encouraged through violence and economic pressure. After the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, Eichmann and his staff arranged for Jews to be concentrated in ghettos in major cities with the expectation that they would be transported either farther east or overseas. He also drew up plans for a Jewish reservation, first at Nisko in southeast Poland and later in Madagascar, but neither of these plans was ever carried out. The Nazis began the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, and their Jewish policy changed from emigration to extermination. To co-ordinate planning for the genocide, Heydrich, who was Eichmanns superior, hosted the regimes administrative leaders at the Wannsee Conference on 20 January 1942. Eichmann collected information for him, attended the conference, and prepared the minutes. Eichmann and his staff became responsible for Jewish deportations to extermination camps, where the victims were gassed. Germany invaded Hungary in March 1944, and Eichmann oversaw the deportation of much of the Jewish population. Most of the victims were sent to Auschwitz concentration camp, where about 75 per cent were murdered upon arrival. By the time that the transports were stopped in July 1944, 437,000 of Hungarys 725,000 Jews had been killed. Dieter Wisliceny testified at Nuremberg that Eichmann told him he would leap laughing into the grave because the feeling that he had five million people on his conscience would be for him a source of extraordinary satisfaction.After Germanys defeat in 1945, Eichmann was captured by US forces, but escaped from a detention camp and moved around Germany to avoid re-capture. He ended up in a small village in Lower Saxony, where he lived until 1950, when he moved to Argentina using false papers. Information collected by the Mossad, Israels intelligence agency, confirmed his location in 1960. A team of Mossad and Shin Bet agents captured Eichmann and brought him to Israel to stand trial on 15 criminal charges, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the Jewish people. During the trial, he did not deny the Holocaust or his role in organising it, but claimed that he was simply following orders in a totalitarian Führerprinzip system. He was found guilty on all of the charges, and was executed by hanging on 1 June 1962. The trial was widely followed in the media and was later the subject of several books, including Hannah Arendts Eichmann in Jerusalem, in which Arendt coined the phrase the banality of evil to describe Eichmann.

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Adolf Eichmann
Name :Adolf Eichmann
Date of Birth :19/03/1906 19:30:00
Place of Birth :Solingen
Ascendent (Lagan) : Virgo
Ascendent Lord) : Mer
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Capricorn
Moon Sign Lord : Capricorn
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : U.Asadha
Birth Star Lord : Sun
Lucky Gem : Diamond
Lucky No. : 2
Lucky Day : Wednesday
Lucky Color : White
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Pisces
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Ven-Ket
Manglik Status : You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Ascendent Prediction

His ascendent (lagan) is Virgo
His ascendent is Virgo. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac. Adolf Eichmann will have a round face,well formed body, ruddy complexion,dark eyes and hair. Adolf Eichmann is very active and ambitious. Adolf Eichmann is fond of studying and learning. Adolf Eichmann is competent in business. Adolf Eichmann have impressive eyes. Adolf Eichmann is soft spoken and don't talk much. Adolf Eichmann is very attached to His spouse. Adolf Eichmann may have some opposition from His brothers. Adolf Eichmann is very interested in mathematics and and science. Adolf Eichmann will have many daughters. Adolf Eichmann take interest in religious deeds. Adolf Eichmann will travel to many foreign countries. Adolf Eichmann is very stable and have very deep thoughts. Adolf Eichmann is an introvert. Adolf Eichmann would have been very happy in His childhood but will face troubles in the later part of His life. Adolf Eichmann will progress and enjoy honour and fame between the age of 32 and 36 .Adolf Eichmann like changes and is methodical and thorough in His work. Adolf Eichmann is charitable. Sometimes Adolf Eichmann may bore other people by His detailed explanations. Adolf Eichmann is very brisk and quick in His actions. Adolf Eichmann is fond of acquiring knowledge. Adolf Eichmann is very sentimental and diplomatic.Adolf Eichmann have broad shoulders and an impressive forehead. Adolf Eichmann is self centered. Adolf Eichmann do not speak whatever is in His mind and is not frank. As Adolf Eichmann were born in this nakshatra Adolf Eichmann will be obedient, virtuous, will possess many friends, will be grateful, affectionate and will return favours received. Adolf Eichmann will be clever and victorious. Adolf Eichmann will know many wealthy people and will be respected by employers. Adolf Eichmann will be fond of music and dance. Adolf Eichmann will be lucky after Adolf Eichmann is 31 years of age.

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