Jupiter Prediction Anmol Ambani

Master of the 5th and 8th house Jupiter in lagn indicates knowledge of shastras , good children,fondness for music, wisdom and wealth from noble people. Sometimes Anmol Ambani have ill health. Anmol Ambani is good at arguing. Anmol Ambani have a long life. Anmol Ambani is well educated and win favours and fame from the government and society. Anmol Ambani have a grand personality. Anmol Ambani win favours abroad and is successful in academic life. Anmol Ambani will be tall. Anmol Ambani will be benevolent,grateful,learned,famous and fair. Anmol Ambani will be extolled for His meritorious deeds. Anmol Ambani will think deeply and will be a good mathematician. Anmol Ambani will be a good eater and will prefer sweets. His outstanding quality is that Anmol Ambani is always very fresh. Anmol Ambani have a feeble but very sweet voice. Anmol Ambani is amiable and social. Anmol Ambani will have confidence. Anmol Ambani will get help from superiors. Anmol Ambani will be healthy there will be birth of good children. Anmol Ambani will acquire fame. Anmol Ambani will be fearless, will go on pilgrimages, will have a good looking body and will be respected for His good qualities. Anmol Ambani is dutiful and a competent worker. Anmol Ambani take part in meetings is a very good orator. Anmol Ambani will win over His rivals. Anmol Ambani is very religious and enjoy high honors in govt and society.

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Name :Anmol Ambani
Date of Birth :12/12/1991 00:00:00
Place of Birth :Mumbai
Ascendent (Lagan) : Leo
Ascendent Lord) : Sun
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Capricorn
Moon Sign Lord : Capricorn
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Dhanistha
Birth Star Lord : Mar
Lucky Gem : Coral
Lucky No. : 1
Lucky Day : Sunday
Lucky Color : Blood Red
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Sagittarius
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Jup-Ket
Manglik Status : You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : Yes
* (R) = Retrograte

About Jupiter

Lord of Thursday, Guru, Male, Jeeva Planet.

BODY PARTSLiver, Arteries, Teeth, Gall -Bladder
GENERALWealth, Higher Education, Status, Wisdom, Religious study, Proficiency & Progress
DISEASESLiver Complaints, Diabetes, Blood disorders, Cancer, Ear trouble
RELATIONSSons and Daughters, Elder Brother & Husband
ARTICLESYellow cloth, Yellow Topaz, Gold, Honey & Turmeric
MOTION1 Sign i.e. 30º in one Year
ASPECTFifth, Seventh & Ninth
LORDSHIPIt owns Dhanu (Sagittarius) & Meena (Pisces)
PLACESTreasure House
GEMSYellow Sapphire
FRIENDSSun, Moon & Mars
ENEMIESMercury & Venus
NEUTRALSSaturn, Rahu & Ketu

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