Sun Prediction Bobby Brown

Master of the 9th house,Sun in the 2nd house indicates Bobby Brown is virtuous,charitable,religious, rich,respected and like to speak the truth. Bobby Brown will get wealth but there will be some conditions. Bobby Brown will face opposition from His family. Bobby Brown may have problems in saving wealth. Bobby Brown will have a long life. Bobby Brown is broad minded and practical. Bobby Brown may have some bad luck in His progress and will be lucky later on. Bobby Brown give more importance to wealth than morality. Bobby Brown is very fortunate. Sun in the 2nd house shows Bobby Brown will be generous but extravagant. Bobby Brown will not have a good complexion. Bobby Brown will have eye troubles. Bobby Brown will be rash and will waste a lot of money. Sometimes Bobby Brown is a bit quarrelsome. Bobby Brown is very talkative.His mind is wavering and Bobby Brown is a bit greedy. Bobby Brown will be competent in business.

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Bobby Brown
Name :Bobby Brown
Date of Birth :05/02/1969 05:20:59
Place of Birth :71 W 3, 42 N 21
Ascendent (Lagan) : Sagittarius
Ascendent Lord) : Jup
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Leo
Moon Sign Lord : Leo
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : P.Phalguni
Birth Star Lord : Ven
Lucky Gem : Ruby
Lucky No. : 5
Lucky Day : Thursday
Lucky Color : Copper Color
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Aquarius
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Jup-Mon
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

About Sun

Lord of Sunday, Male, Moola Planet.

BODY PARTSHead, Stomach, Heart, Right Eye, Bones, Spinal Column
GENERALPhysical strength, Reputation, Valour, Royal Favours, High status & Authority, Will power, Managerial abilities
DISEASESWeak Eyesight, High Fevers, Erratic blood circulation, Heart trouble, Weakness of Bones, Diseases related to head, Weak Digestive power, Etc.
RELATIONSFather & Superiors
ARTICLESRed cloth, Lotus, Gold, Copper, Thick yarn, & Timber.
COLOURSOrange, Yellow, Brown, Gold.
MOTION1 Sign i.e. 30� in one month
ASPECTSeventh (Opposite House)
LORDSHIPIt owns Simha (Leo)
FRIENDSMoon, Mars & Jupiter
ENEMIESVenus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu

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