Vimshottari Dasha Analysis Marion March

Dasha Predictions
23/04/2020 - 27/04/2023 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Sat (Antardasha)
This period indicates mixed results for you but the positive side of the results will be more in evidence. Success will definitely come to you provided, you are determined to put genuine efforts to achieve it.There could not be a short cut passage in this process. However, this period does not stop you to go ahead or fulfilled your cherished desires but constant efforts are needed. You will get on very well with your superiors / bosses etc. And may get their admiration. As an independent entrepreneur, you will do quite well in your ventures and an expansion of the same may take place. Family atmosphere, on the whole will be quite pleasant but the health of somebody in the family may cause anxiety to you. There could be a few long distance travels which will prove extremely beneficial to you. During this period, you might buy a landed property or vehicle. Your fame and respect will go on increasing.
27/04/2023 - 04/01/2026 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Mer (Antardasha)
During this period, your creative intellect will pave your way towards success. As a writer, poet, musician, you will shine in your respective fields. In your business / trade, you will get ample opportunities which could be avail you using your brains. An increase in income & status is also indicated. You will come across influential people and make very good relationship with them. A partnership or association could also be formed. If you are in service, chances of getting a promotion are very strong. Your work and skill will be appreciated by your superiors.You may also be asked to shouldered additional responsibilities. As a student, you will take keen interest in your studies. If you are appearing for competition / examination, then very good results may be anticipated. This is also a very good period for degree courses. On the domestic front, you will find peace and harmony. A celebration of function is also likely to take place in your family.
04/01/2026 - 13/02/2027 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Ket (Antardasha)
This is a period,where you will spend most of your time building castles in the air and not pay enough attention to what is going on around you.Your business / trade will suffer because of your high hopes and aspirations and no backing as far as dedicated work is concerned. You will want to enter into new ventures and dream of expending your present business when all around you, there will be chaos. You may have problems in your business dealings and not pay heed to your well wishers sound advice. You will suffer heavy losses and set backs & get yourself involved in major fights with your partners which may eventually lead to a brighter break-up. If you are employed, your work needs to improve. You may have to meet almost impossible deadlines or suffer the consequences. You could lack sincerity and this will certainly get you into the bad books of your superiors. If you are a student,you have to work extra hard if you wish to get good results.Any neglect will lead to failures. Your family life needs to be taken care of & you're advised to take this seriously as disintegration is indicated.
13/02/2027 - 14/04/2030 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Ven (Antardasha)
On the whole, this will be a good period for you if you work hard. In your business / trade, you will have to gear yourself to long stretches of hard work as your business has chances of going downhill if neglected. You may have problems with your workers and will have to use your tact when dealing with them otherwise they will hinder the progress of your business. You could form an associations and your friends will come in useful here. A small dispute between you and your partner could erupt into a volcanic situation and eventually even a break-up. If you are employed, you will be happy in your work and will in all probability be able to carry out even the most difficult assignments given to you with success. Your efficiency and determination will impress the management and you may get a good promotion.You will also share a good relationship with your colleagues. If you are a student, be prepared to put in full-time work to achieve good results which you should be able to do because of the will to succeed. Family life will be good on the whole. You will have mutual understanding with all the members. There may also be a marriage celebration.
14/04/2030 - 27/03/2031 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Sun (Antardasha)
During this period, you might develop the tendency to not listen to others.An element of aggression may be easily noticed in your temperament. In your business / trade, you are likely to suffer losses or set backs because of your irrational approach while taking the problems. You may enjoy your partners / associates and break-up could be result. We would like to advised you be practical and methodical in your approach to get the desired results. If you are in service, then your service conditions are going to be deteriorated. You might develop a strained relationship with your superiors / bosses etc. You may also be transferred during this period. As a student, you may not take keen interest in your studies. With the results, your future plans may be shattered cards palace. Family members attitude may not be cordial towards and disputes over small issues are possible. The health of some one in the family may not keep well.
27/03/2031 - 25/10/2032 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Mon (Antardasha)
Overall, a period of pipe dreams, you will be over ambitious but less inclined to put in the work required for success. In your business / trade, you will fare rather badly. Your lack of initiative could ease your rivals path and you could suffer loss of face. However, you will be plagued with indecisiveness and your approach to solving matters of concern will have much to be derived. You could suffer heavy losses because of wrong assessment of people and the circumstances and the decisions you take will be stupid and hasty bringing more problems your way.If you are in service,you will tend to rub people up the wrong way and get into major arguments with your superiors. You will be over ambitious and act over smart. This could cause you problems. You are advised to behave yourself if you wish to further your career in your present post. If you are a student, you will really have to work very hard and cast aside other pursuits and even reduce time on your hobbies to achieve satisfactory results. Family life will not be very good. There will be lot of tension in the air. Your mother may fall ill for quite some time.
25/10/2032 - 04/12/2033 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Mar (Antardasha)
The bad side of this period is that you could be accident prove & very careless in your approach generally. In your business / trade, you may take the wrong decisions at crucial times, certain to affect your trade adversely. This period shows a poor income and also losses due to bad judgment. In all probability, you will have misunderstandings and fights with your partners unnecessarily, which could end in a break-up. Not much travel is indicated. You may have to spend most of your time in sorting out the mess, you have made of things. If you are employed, this is a period of stress and strain. Long hours of hard work and petty income will most likely be your lot. You may be discontented and get into arguments with your superiors which could lead to major fights and even your dismissal. Try to play it cool and act according to the circumstances. If you are a student, your laziness will be all too apparent. You will neglect your work and this may lead to your failures. Family life is not too good at this time. There will be an atmosphere of tension & financial problems coupled with some member's ill health.

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Name :Marion March
Date of Birth :10/02/1923 03:46:00
Place of Birth :Nurnberg
Ascendent (Lagan) : Scorpio
Ascendent Lord) : Mar
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Scorpio
Moon Sign Lord : Scorpio
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Jyestha
Birth Star Lord : Mer
Lucky Gem : Pearl
Lucky No. : 4
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Lucky Color : White
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Aquarius
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Sat-Sat
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

Current Vimshottari Dasha Table

Sat 23/04/2020 - 23/04/2039

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