Vimshottari Dasha Analysis R Ashwin

Dasha Predictions
12/05/2021 - 23/11/2023 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Jup (Antardasha)
This will be a rewarding period for you. You will work hard in your business / trade and get the expected returns. You may consider expansion of your present business or even going in for a new venture. Your approach to this however, should not be impulsive but a well planned decisions,if you want to be successful. During this period, you will make quite a lot of money too. It is possible that you may have to undertake a lot of travel to better your business. The contacts,you have built up over the years will prove useful to you now. If you are employed, your working conditions will be good.You will be able to reach your targets in time however hectic, they may be. Your hard work will impress your superiors and you may be given a good promotion. If you are a student or academically inclined, this period will see you successful in your examinations & other projects. You may also be recommended for a scholarship for further studies and you could go abroad. Family life will be very happy. There will be love and understanding between all the family members. A marriage is also indicated.
23/11/2023 - 21/04/2026 in this period you will be under Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Mer (Antardasha)
This period will bring you lot of happiness. You will be able to utilise your resources fully & enjoy the fruits. Your power of discrimination will put you on the ladder of success. There will be lot of new contacts with the learned people. If you are involved in scientific research poetry, music etc. This period will enable you to shine in your field of activities.You will also do extremely good in your business / trade etc. An increase in income may also take place there. In case, you are in service, a promotion may come your way or change for betterment. Family atmosphere will remain quite harmonious and harmony among the family members will be there. Your fame and respect will go on increasing. Your friends and well wishers will provide their best support towards you. If you are appearing for exam or competition, this period will see you through nicely. There are chances of buying a new vehicle during this period.
21/04/2026 - 18/04/2027 in this period you will be under Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Ket (Antardasha)
This period indicates ups and downs. At times, your intuitive faculty will be highly penetrating and you will be benefited due to all this. But on other occasion, you will be just after your illusionary thought & consequently suffer heavily. As a businessman, there are good chances of making money by knowing market trend well in advance. However, do not lack in your logic and reasoning while acting on your instincts. If dealing with publication, agencies or liaison work then very good results may be expected. In case, you are in service, you may be asked to make some project or report which is unique in its own right and that will put you very high among your colleagues. You will also command a good respect during this period. As a student, put your best efforts if wanted to get desired results. A slight lacking in work may deprived you from your objectives. Family atmosphere will remain quite okay but the health of some one in the family may cause certain tension in your mind.
18/04/2027 - 16/02/2030 in this period you will be under Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Ven (Antardasha)
This is going to be a very good period. You will become the center of attraction due to your activities. There will be frequent meeting with lively and intelligent people.Your mind will also be inclined towards art, poetry, music, literature etc. As a businessman, you will do very good. An increase in income as well as assets is indicated. There are good chances of starting some new line of business in this period. If you are in service,then your working conditions will improve fantastically. You may go abroad on deputation or a promotion will take place. You will also enjoy very good rapport with your superiors. In case, you are a student, you will do very well in your studies. However, your mind will be inclined towards opposite sex, which could result into poor performance in the studies. Family life will be quite pleasant. A ceremony may be celebrated in this period too.
16/02/2030 - 24/12/2030 in this period you will be under Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Sun (Antardasha)
You will have tremendous confidence through out this period. Your zeal and enthusiasm will put you on the high esteem of your being.There could also be very good contacts with influential people and you will be benefited by them too.As a businessman,you may do very well in your pursuits. There are chances of entering into new business line altogether too. However, your present ventures will also reveal very good returns to you. An increase in income as well as in assets is indicated. If you are in service, then you may develop very good relations with your superiors. A promotion may also come your way too. You may have to travel extensively in this period. You will also command very good reputation through out this period. In case, you are a student, then you will take keen interest in your studies. A success is indicated in competition, exams etc. Family atmosphere will remain quite pleasant. You might buy a house or vehicle in this period. An auspicious ceremony may also be celebrated in your family.
24/12/2030 - 24/05/2032 in this period you will be under Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Mon (Antardasha)
This period indicates ups and downs are going to predominate your affairs through out this period. However, the upward trend will be more in evidence. A great deal of observation is required while making important decisions. You are advised to take care of your health, as it may create problems for you.As a businessman, you will do quite well in your endeavours. There could also be chances of making good money by certain deals which may come up just like that. If you are an artist or poet etc, then your creativity will be at par-excellence. You will earn a lot of love and admiration of your work too. In case, you are in service, be careful of not taking extra advantage of your position or situation. In general, this period does not indicate any danger. As a student, you may not be serious about your studies till the exams or competition will come on your head. At last moment, you would like to take up studies vigorously, which could cost you health wise. On the whole, family atmosphere will be normal but the health of some one in the family may cause worry to you.

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R Ashwin
Name :R Ashwin
Date of Birth :17/09/1986 12:00:00
Place of Birth :Madras Tamilnadu
Ascendent (Lagan) : Scorpio
Ascendent Lord) : Mar
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Aquarius
Moon Sign Lord : Aquarius
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Satabhisaj
Birth Star Lord : Rah
Lucky Gem : Pearl
Lucky No. : 4
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Lucky Color : White
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Virgo
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Sat-Jup
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : Yes
* (R) = Retrograte

Current Vimshottari Dasha Table

Sat 23/11/2004 - 23/11/2023

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