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in the Varsh Lagna your Muntha is in House No. 10
This is a bright period of your life and you will be generally successful. Superiors will be of great help, ambitions will be achieved and you will be successful in your exploits. You will get spiritual enlightenment. Your reputation and honour will improve. You will embark on a successful scheme. You will be content and happy.
From 17/11/2022 - 05/12/2022 you will be under Sun Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Sun is in house no.1
During this period you will have a positive attitude towards life and will be over confident. You will continue to wield power and authority either in government or public life. Short distance journeys are indicated which will bear fruits due to your hard work. You will spend freely on social and charitable institutions. You may suffer from illhealth and there may be sickness in the family.
From 05/12/2022 - 04/01/2023 you will be under Mon Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mon is in house no.10
You will be able to convert your ideas and plans into constructive form. Some solid results regarding your business or job shall be there. Your success in all ventures is almost definately assured. You will enjoy very good relations with seniors and supervisors. Make the best use of this time.
From 04/01/2023 - 26/01/2023 you will be under Mar Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mar is in house no.7
You might face difficulties in your day to day pursuits. Your enemies will try to tarnish your image. Disputes with partners and associates is strongly indicated. Family life will not be happy. Take care of your health. Travels may be disappointing. The health of your spouse may cause some concern. During this period, your life will be full of troubles and turmoils.
From 26/01/2023 - 22/03/2023 you will be under Rah Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Rah is in house no.6
This period will make you very successful in your ventures. Your service working conditions will improve. Money will flow quite normally. Your deals with government and authorities will get through. You will definitely overcome your opponents. A pleasant trip is almost certain to take place somewhere in the middle of this period. Family atmosphere shall be very good. There will be good chances of entering into profitable deals. If you have applied for loans, then you might get finances. Minor health ailment could also be possible.
From 22/03/2023 - 09/05/2023 you will be under Jup Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Jup is in house no.5
During this period, your confidence will make you invincible. You will also command much regard and respect. An auspicious ceremony in the family is likely to take place. This is a very good period for love and romance. You will take the right decision at the spur of the moment due to your intelligence, profits in the business/trades etc. Will be much more. Your social circle will be extended. There is a likely hood of getting involved in religious activities. Your friends and well wishers shall also assist you.
From 09/05/2023 - 06/07/2023 you will be under Sat Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Sat is in house no.3
You will have a strong desire to do things in a methodical manner. Your confidence will be par excellence. You will definitely get encouraging results as far as your job, business, career is concerned. There are chances of venturing into new enterprises, profession etc. Inflow of income shall be quite normal. Family atmosphere will be very good. Your social circle shall widen, short distance travels will prove beneficial. You might also receive very good news through communication.
From 06/07/2023 - 27/08/2023 you will be under Mer Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mer is in house no.1
You will be extremely happy in this period. Due to your own calibre and skills, results would be fantastic you will come into contact with learned people. You will be respected and your fame will also increase. Family life shall be quite satisfactory. You will make strenuous efforts to satisfy your aspirations. By and large you will be successful but work load could be tiring. Your keen observation will pay dividends. The state of your health will be satisfactory.
From 27/08/2023 - 17/09/2023 you will be under Ket Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Ket is in house no.12
You might develop a tendency not to listen to good advise by others. There are chances of indulging in wrong or sinful acts. Your huge expenses may bring you under debt therefore try to curb your spending. Worried person on account of wrong decisions. Don't try to act on your instincts in this period otherwise you may be in dire trouble. However,this period may see you indulging in some type of occultism. Your health may not be good in this period.
From 17/09/2023 - 17/11/2023 you will be under Ven Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Ven is in house no.1
During this period you will be quite comfortable. There will be a pleasant environment all around you. You will be favourably inclined towards the opposite sex. Conjugal happiness will also be there. If you were to put a little more efforts, you can also increase your income. You would like to throw a big party. You will be interested in fine art, music, literature etc. Minor health ailment might disturb you. Family members will extend their full support towards you.

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Aaron Finch
Name :Aaron Finch
Date of Birth :17/11/1986 00:00:00
Place of Birth :Victoria
Ascendent (Lagan) : Leo
Ascendent Lord) : Sun
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Taurus
Moon Sign Lord : Taurus
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Krittika
Birth Star Lord : Sun
Lucky Gem : Coral
Lucky No. : 1
Lucky Day : Sunday
Lucky Color : Blood Red
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Scorpio
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Rah-Sun
Manglik Status : You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

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