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Yearly Predictions
in the Varsh Lagna your Muntha is in House No. 8
You will pass through a very bad time in the first eight months. There will be fear of enemity and thieves. You will waste money on unworthy causes. There will be news of the death of someone. Look after your health as you are passing through a very dangerous period. You may travel to a distant place because someone will put you in a tight corner.
From 31/08/2023 - 22/10/2023 you will be under Mer Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mer is in house no.5
During this period,you will command respect due to your qualities of delicate discrimination and fine accuracy in judgement. Your imagination will be excellent.Success is guaranteed in new ventures and new enterprises the time is also suitable for love affairs and romance. Your sense of creativity will be appreciated by others. Family happiness is also assured. Your friends and well wishers will provide their full support. This period will also bring you in the midst of famous people. A memorable journey is also indicated.
From 22/10/2023 - 12/11/2023 you will be under Ket Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Ket is in house no.7
You will get mixed results in this period. You will find sudden stroke of luck. Your social circle will widen. However, this is not a good period for love and romance. Quarrel or enemity with sweet heart is possible. Your expenditure will rise unexpectedly. Travelling will not be of much use. There are chances of getting involved in risky jobs. Probably, this is not the right period to take risks. Minor health problems could also be possible.
From 12/11/2023 - 12/01/2024 you will be under Ven Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Ven is in house no.4
This period will make you comfortable. There will be a rise in status as well as well as a rise in your income. Family life shall be very happy. You might enter into profitable deals. There will be some sort of get together in your family. Travel will also bring good news for you. Your opponents will not be able to do any harm. An increase of family members is quite possible. Success in attempts will be there. Your subordinates shall extend their full support towards you. Overall this period will be very pleasant.
From 12/01/2024 - 31/01/2024 you will be under Sun Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Sun is in house no.5
You will look forward to life with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm during this time. At the same time you will be bold and courageous but violent in temper. This period is unfavourable for love and romance. Contemplation may cause losses hence it must be avoided. Children may suffer from diseases or ill health. There might be a possibility of sudden travel.
From 31/01/2024 - 01/03/2024 you will be under Mon Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mon is in house no.11
Yours friends and associates will support you. During this period, your hopes and ambitions will be realised. You might enter into some profitable deals. Long distance travel is strongly indicated. You will be quite popular amongst the opposite sex. Over all results will be par excellence.
From 01/03/2024 - 22/03/2024 you will be under Mar Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mar is in house no.6
During this period, you will be quite happy. Service condition will improve. Substantial gains are also possible.Family atmosphere will also be happy. You will be making strenuous efforts to surmount your obstructions and crush your opponents. Be careful while driving.
From 22/03/2024 - 16/05/2024 you will be under Rah Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Rah is in house no.1
You will be inclined to do things haphazardly. Don't indulge in illusions. A sense of fear will predominate you in this period. Your own people will deceive you at so many occasions. Rashness won't lead you anywhere. Your friendship with the opposite sex will not be cordial plans of making quick money should be scrutinized first. Try to live with the facts and not on memories. Health ailment of secret nature might disturb your happiness.
From 16/05/2024 - 04/07/2024 you will be under Jup Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Jup is in house no.1
You are likely to be involved in noble deeds. During this period, you will be extremely happy and some auspicious ceremony could also take place in your family. Your income will increase and your contact with senior or government authorities will improve. By dint of your skill, you would be able to handle even adverse situation. Family happiness is assured for you. You may be interested in philosophy or metaphysics. An absolutely perfect state of mind is also guaranteed in this period.
From 04/07/2024 - 31/08/2024 you will be under Sat Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Sat is in house no.11
Your hopes and aspiration will be realised in this period. You can enter into new enterprises. There will be lot of support from your friends and well wishers. This period should give you some substantial gains in your business, trade etc. You might hear good news regarding your close relatives. You will come into contact with people from far off places. Travelling will be very useful. This period is also very good as far as love life is concerned. Behaviour of family members will be very nice towards you.

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Name :Rituparno Ghosh
Date of Birth :31/08/1963 12:00:00
Place of Birth :Calcutta
Ascendent (Lagan) : Scorpio
Ascendent Lord) : Mar
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Sagittarius
Moon Sign Lord : Sagittarius
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : U.Asadha
Birth Star Lord : Sun
Lucky Gem : Pearl
Lucky No. : 4
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Lucky Color : White
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Virgo
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Sat-Mer
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

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