Sadesati Christian

Sadesati Analysis
The transit of Saturn into the zodiac sign from the house in which planet Moon is located at the time of your birth is known as Saade Saati of Saturn. The Saade Saati of Saturn has three phases: The transit of Saturn into twelfth house from Zodiac sign of birth is called the first phase. The transit into the birth sign is the second phase. The transit into the second sign from the birth sign is the third phase. As Saturn remains for two and half year in each phase that is why it is called Saade Saati. The seven and half years are never always unlucky only. The favourableness and unfavourableness of Saturn depends upon its relations(friendly/enemy/neutral)with the ruler of that particular house and according to the ownership of Saturn in the house of birth sign.
First Cycle :
First Phase : 12/11/1955 - 08/02/1958
Second Phase : 08/02/1958 - 01/02/1961
Third Phase : 01/02/1961 - 27/01/1964
Second Cycle :
First Phase : 21/12/1984 - 16/12/1987
Second Phase : 16/12/1987 - 20/03/1990
Third Phase : 21/03/1990 - 05/03/1993
Third Cycle :
First Phase : 02/11/2014 - 26/01/2017
Second Phase : 26/01/2017 - 24/01/2020
Third Phase : 24/01/2020 - 28/04/2022
Result for first phase
Your first phase of Saade Saati begins with the transit of Saturn into the Scorpio sign. In the first phase, Saturn is positioned in the Scorpio sign of its enemy planet Mars. Here Saturn is positioned in the twelfth house, while ruling the second and third house. In this situation, You receive all vile /undesired results. You face mental and physical problems.In this situation, all the possibilities of success seems to be going adverse, So you should be very careful about any kind of injury, because during this period, there are great possibilities of meeting road accidents or being hurt by falling down. Cruelty, sense of irritation and anger makes themselves a part of your nature. With the development of tension in the house, the environment in the family becomes more tense and unhealthy. During this period, if you are undergoing some education, then your attitude and activities towards studies need a vigilant observation, because there are possibilities of hurdles in studies. You may develop relations with undesired or unwanted people which may create troubles for you as well as in the family. In such a situation, the financial position turns worse and the accumulated money begins reducing. You develop a feeling of change in your field of job or line of business, but this change is not favourable to you. Sometimes you may either have to change your place of residence or their may arise circumstances of going abroad and you succeed in earning money there. In such a situation, you become an atheist and sinner. There is loss of interest in the religion and you fail to differentiate between virtue and sin, fame and defamation and between your good and wicked activities etc. You also develop relations with the low birth people and indulge into the habit of gambling and intoxication etc, which results in the possibility of quarrels/disputes and your differences with near relatives and younger brother. But you, yourself are the main reason for creating such type of situation. You should remain alert from your friends circle who may deceive you. Further, you may spoil your relations with your father and the mother also suffers. You may have to face some wrath from the government. This situation remains for two and a half years (One Dhaiya).
Result for second phase
With the transit of Saturn into the Sagittarius sign, the second phase of Saade Saati begins for you. In this phase, Saturn remains in the Sagittarius sign of its allied Planet Jupiter, and takes position in Lagna while ruling the second and the third house. The position of Saturn in Lagna creates sickness and different types of problems. You feel sad at heart and suffer from diseases. There is access of laziness and the financial position remains unchanged. As you have already suffered for the past two and a half years (One Dhaiya), you look at your future as if in dark and there is not any ray of hope during the running period also. You do not find any interest in any type of work and there is environment of feud in the family. You incline towards earning money by each and every means and this desire keeps on getting stronger, but you do not succeed and only your field of work gives you success. Even if you get some job during this period, you cannot get promoted and there are chances of getting transferred also. Your intelligence turns defiled and you do not find interest in good deeds. You also turn to be licentious and the body begins getting lean and weaker due to ailment.
Result for third phase
With the transit of Saturn into the Capricorn sign, the third and the last phase of Saade Saati begins for you. In the third phase, Saturn remains in its own Capricorn sign, while ruling the second and third house. In this situation, Saturn reduces its unfavourableness due to its location in its own sign. In such a situation, you can be benefited by your brothers. Your behaviour with your near relatives and neighbours is cordial and you are comparatively more kind, hospitable, well wisher of others, virtuous and religious. You earn fame and prosperity, but even after all this, there is no improvement in your financial position. The accumulated money should be kept carefully, otherwise it will also be exhausted. An atmosphere of rivalry develops and peace in the house lasts no longer. The delight from mother side also lessens and problems begins in day to day life. But after a span of time, You feel some relaxation and start succeeding in earning money. During this period business like sports, electrical goods, iron, coal, dying, printing and medicines can successfully be performed. If DASHA is positive and favourable, there is a possibility of a successful foreign trip also, if proper efforts are made in this regard. You may also own a vehicle. There is possibility of joints pain and if it is a student life, obstacles may occur in studies, but you are confident of your hard work. In such a situation, you may be deprived of your parental property. In addition to all these features, you enjoy staying away from home. The journey towards western direction is beneficial to you.
The complete period of Saturn's Saade Saati does not remain same. Its favourableness and unfavourableness depends upon the star under which Saturn is moving. The remedies for reducing the sinner effects of Saade Saati are based on Mantra, devotion, worship and donations. A thorough analysis of the horoscope is required in this regard, for the knowledge of remedies for reducing the harm. For the DOSH SHANTI, the following remedies may be adopted for lessening the sinner effects of Saade Saati. There are great possibilities of benefit, if these remedies are adopted prior to beginning of the Saade Saati :-

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Name :Christian
Date of Birth :08/09/1943 16:00:00
Place of Birth :13 E 22, 38 N 7
Ascendent (Lagan) : Capricorn
Ascendent Lord) : Sat
Moon Sign(Rashi) : Sagittarius
Moon Sign Lord : Sagittarius
Birth Star(Nakshatra) : Mula
Birth Star Lord : Ket
Lucky Gem : Emerald
Lucky No. : 6
Lucky Day : Saturday
Lucky Color : Green
Sun Sign (As per western system) : Virgo
Current Vimshottari Dasa : Jup-Rah
Manglik Status : You are not a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati : No
* (R) = Retrograte

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