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Dussehra  2022

When is Dussehra in 2022 ?
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Wednesday , 5 October

Dussehra 2022

Vijayadasami (Sanskrit: विजयदशमी), otherwise called Dussehra (Sanskrit: दशहरा), is a noteworthy Hindu celebration celebrated toward the finish of Navratri consistently. It is seen on the full moon day in the Hindu logbook month of Ashvin, which commonly falls in the Gregorian months of September and October.

Vijayadasami is watched for various reasons and commended diversely in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. In the eastern and northeastern conditions of India, Vijayadashami marks the finish of Durga Puja, recalling goddess Durga's triumph over the wild ox evil spirit to help reestablish Dharma.[3][7] In the northern, southern and western expresses, the celebration is synonymously called Dussehra (likewise spelled Dasara, Dashahara). In these locales, it denote the finish of "Ramlila" and recollects god Rama's triumph over the devil Ravana, or then again it denote an adoration for one of the parts of goddess Devi, for example, Durga or Saraswati.

Vijayadasami festivities incorporate parades to a stream or sea front that convey earth statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartikeya, joined by music and serenades, after which the pictures are inundated into the water for disintegration and a farewell. Somewhere else, on Dussehra, the towering models of Ravana symbolizing the insidiousness is singed with firecrackers denoting shrewdness' annihilation. The celebration additionally begins the readiness for a standout amongst the most essential and generally observed Diwali, the celebration of lights, which is commended twenty days after the Vijayadashami.

Today's Panchang

Current Location : Delhi , India

Panchang for May 17 , 2022 at 05:29 (Sun Rise Time)

TithiKrishan Paksh 1 (Pratipada(Ekam))upto 06 hr. 25 mt.
NakshatraAnuradhaupto 10 hr. 45 mt.
KaranKaulavaupto 06 hr. 25 mt.
KaranTaitilaupto 16 hr. 43 mt.
YogaShivaupto 22 hr. 36 mt.
Sun Rise05hr.29mt.
Sun Set19hr.05mt.
Mon SignScorpio 13°23'upto 08 hr. 08 mt. (18/05/2022)