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Horoscope of : Sample

Date of Birth : Jan 01 , 1980 05:30:00 hrs.
Place of Birth : Delhi , India    Latitude/Longitude : 028.40.N / 077.13.E
Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab Remedies for year : 2016 Select Year :
SunTake blessings of mother or motherly ladies.
MoonMaintain good moral character.
MarsKeep a red coloured handkerchief with you to attract luck.
MercuryDonate asthma medicines in a charitable dispensry. To come out of financial difficulties moist a handful of whole green dal ( Moong Sabut ) after sunset and feed pigeons in the next morning.
JupiterPut a tilakam of saffron or turmeric on the forehead daily. There should not be any open pits in front of your house.If there are, get them filled at the earliest.
VenusNo wine,no non-veg.No fishing.
SaturnNot to have alcohol. Put four kilos of unboiled milk in a well.
RahuKeeping a round solid silver ball of 4 gm in your pocket will help maintaining your status & position
KetuWear a pure gold ring in the left hand’s ring finger.

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